Online Poker Tool with AI by Merscom LLC

Poker tools are the new trend among the Online Casino poker industry as more and more companies build and promote software that are supposed to teach poker players how to improve their poker skills. Such poker tools are not expensive and they are offered free of charge at online poker casinos for more than one year. Such poker tools are still on trial but experts say that most online poker players are very happy with their results.

Video game publisher Merscom LLC is helping bring “Poker Academy texas holdem ,” n superior poker class program, to the UK. The Poker Academy software makes use of the “Poki” artificial intelligence method for poker, which gives the computer to become accustomed to its “playing approach” to that of the human player, posing more of a confront than other automated poker tutorials. Essentially, Poker Academy Texas Holdem is a poker bot working on educating algorithms based on statistical modeling, neural networks, and an in-depth accepting of game hypothesis.

Such poker tools are supposed to help build better online poker rooms and to improve poker players' skills. Hopefully more and more companies would present more poker tools during 2006. For more info go back to our main page and read more about online poker tools and related material.

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