The Playing Style of Poker Pro Phil Laak

Poker professionals all have playing styles that are distinct from one another. Some dress well but behave annoyingly. Some have cheerful personalities but annoy their opponents with the way they dress. Some display comic acts that either amuse or irritate opponents. Well, poker professional Phil Laak also has his own playing style. We don't really know how he feels about his appearance at poker tables but it surely does seem to be an effective style to irritate some of his opponents.

Born in Dublin, Ireland on September 8, 1972, Phil Laak is known for wearing sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt when he is in front of his opponents at the poker table. Because of such outfit, this poker professional has earned him the nickname "Unabomber." Because of such hooded sweatshirt, which was a gift from fellow poker professional Gus Hansen, Phil Laak also earned the nickname "Darth Maul."

Phil Laak is known to pull the hood of his sweatshirt onto his head in order to conceal his face and prevent his opponents from seeing his reaction. This poker professional is also known for the weird behavior that he sometimes projects when playing. There are times when he does push-ups in the middle of a poker game. Sometimes, he jokingly approaches the dealer to peek at the next card to come up. There was also one time when this poker professional just laid down on the floor in the middle of a poker game in order to release stress.

According to Phil Laak, he has the ability to connect mentally with his opponents, allowing him to gain an advantage over them. This trait, along with the uniqueness of his behavior as soon as he positions himself at poker tables, is what makes him successful as a poker professional. Some poker fans think of his behavior as funny while there are some poker fans who think that he is obnoxious. Regardless of what other people think of Phil Laak's behavior, this poker professional will continue to project such attitude for as long as it makes him successful.

It was in Wellesley, Massachusetts where Phil Laak's parents raised him, but he currently resides in California, both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He has a degree in mechanical engineering which he obtained from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Prior to becoming a poker professional, Phil Laak held many jobs to support him financially. Some of the professions he held were as a real estate investor, as a stock day-trader, and as an engineer. In college, his roommate was fellow poker professional Antonio Esfandiari, and up until now, these two poker professionals remain to be best friends.

Among the many contributions of Phil Laak to the poker world, the most remarkable one was the World Poker Tour title he won when he joined the Celebrity Invitational tournament in February 2004. He has other victories in the World Poker Tour, as well as in other major poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker.

The girlfriend of Phil Laak is female celebrity poker professional Jennifer Tilly, who has been known as the "Unabombshell."

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