When the Poker Player Folds

Declaring to fold is a good decision to make. This decision is done by poker players who are described as "tight". And this decision is often made by professional poker players. This is because "to fold" does not mean "to surrender". To fold is a decision equivalent to the business term "cutting one's losses". But some poker players, who have declared to fold, forget that they are still part of the poker game. And such a belief leads the poker players to behave in such a way that are not acceptable to many other poker players. What are these unacceptable behaviors?

The first unacceptable behavior is chatting and yapping with other poker players who have also declared to fold. While talking with such people may be nice, especially when the poker player is also friendly with them even outside the casino, the side conversations can only disturb the poker players who are still in the game.

For example, a poker player, who is still in game, may be trying to decide whether he should call a big raise (perhaps to bluff) or check only (to slow play). If there are poker players beside him who are throwing criticisms against a politician, a religion, the system, or nature itself, the undecided poker player will be extremely annoyed. The talking poker players are too inconsiderate.

What should have been done by the poker players, who have declared to fold, is to keep their silence and observe the remaining poker players. For the wise poker player continues to conduct keen observations even when he is out of the current hand.

The second unacceptable behavior is to react to the community cards. Reacting to community cards (gasping, shaking the head, snapping the fingers) can alert the remaining poker players about the cards that one held. These reactions can also influence the actions of the remaining poker players. While such sounds like a good thing, a poker player who has declared to fold must keep in mind that he cannot be part of the current hand. And this means that he should not exert any influence on the current hand. Therefore, the poker player must still wear his poker face.

The third unacceptable behavior is to reveal the cards. Revealing the cards is frowned upon by most poker players. This is suspected as a cheating technique. That is, the player declared to fold, then, "accidentally" revealed his cards, giving one of the remaining poker players an idea on what to do next. Such a situation is, obviously, a conspiracy between the two players. Many casinos and gambling houses assume that when a poker player accidentally reveals his card, he is cheating. Such a poker player is heavily penalized. Thus, the poker player must see to it that his cards remains face-down.

When a poker player remembers to avoid the unacceptable behaviors described above, he will be treated by others as a professional and courteous poker player.

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